Arreiun Tucker, who graduated from Milwaukee Collegiate Academy in 2017, has won the 10th annual Freedom Scholarship Essay Contest. The $500 scholarship was announced on September 12 by Milwaukee Alderwoman Milele Coggs.

Tucker’s essay best captures the essence of the popular scholarship contest Coggs said.

“The sometimes raw struggle for equality and justice is just as difficult and important today as it ever was,” says Coggs. “Mr. Tucker succinctly and eloquently describes that struggle and its important e in his own words and I was moved by what he wrote.”

In his essay, tucker wrote, “Knowing freedom didn’t come easy and that my right to go to college was made possible through the fight for freedom only pushes me harder. Our youth are facing different, but similar battles and we are still fighting for the very freedom our ancestors died for. The fight is far from over. Power and freedom together can transform the world.”

Tucker is currently a freshman attending the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee and is a Theater major.