Dear HFCA Family, 

Our mission is to nurture scholars capable of transforming their world by sending them to and through college. 

After the recent events over the last year, including those in our nation’s Capitol yesterday, it is more important than ever — to our families, to our communities, and to our country — that we achieve the HFCA mission. 

Our nation needs our children. 

Our children are the future of our democracy. It is imperative that we raise responsible leaders with the ability to read critically, to speak with authority for themselves and on the behalf of others, and to grow what they earn. We must also nurture them with honorable and just values so that they are capable of transforming their world into a  better place for everyone.  

I am so grateful that we started this year together in Parent Teacher Conferences. By doing so, we have sent a message to our children, our scholars that collaboration and partnership are what you do when you love someone or are committed to an ideal. I appreciate that this stands as a stark contrast to the hate and divisiveness that too many people are choosing to take part in. Thank you to everyone who made unity a priority this week. 

When we look around at our world, we have a choice. We can become discouraged or we can become even more determined to fulfill our mission for our scholars. I’m choosing our mission and am asking you to do the same. What this means is that we will double-down on ensuring that our children are learning deeply and stepping out of their respective comfort zones to become who they were meant to be and who we need them to be. 

The past year has shown us the future and it is important that our children be ready to take their place as leaders in it. Let us continue to lock hands around our children to support their goals and to clear the path of anything that stands in their way. 

Your child means everything to you and, like you, their futures mean everything to us. Let’s get through this winter stronger than ever in our collective commitment to our children’s growth and success.   

Educationally Yours,


Principal Judith Parker