Transforming Their World.

Join us as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy. We invite you to connect with fellow alumni, current scholars, faculty, and supporters who have contributed to our success over the past two decades. Together, we can continue empowering generations of scholars and creating lasting impact in our community.

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Character, Achievement, College

Two Decades of excellence

During our 20th Anniversary, we will recognize and celebrate this important milestone for our school community in so many ways great and small, culminating in our transition to our new home in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood.

Transforming Their World

A 20-year history of progress

Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy was founded in 2004 by eight notable pastors and Dr. Howard Fuller. We value students’ learning strengths and differences, identities, and voices with the mission of sending scholars to and through college. In 2019, Milwaukee Collegiate Academy was renamed to honor student advocate and Board Chair Emeritus Dr. Howard Fuller.

Transforming Their World.

You’re invited to join us in celebrating a remarkable milestone in our school’s journey. This special occasion calls for alumni, former staff, current scholars, dedicated faculty, and our vibrant community to unite. Let’s come together, reconnect, and honor the achievements that have empowered countless scholars over the past two decades. Together, we will create an unforgettable celebration and continue to make a positive and enduring impact in our community. Don’t miss out – be a part of this momentous event!

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